"A client that has pride of ownership and is dedicated to a quality home knows that it takes quality materials and labor to produce. There is absolutely no substitute for quality, balanced by value."

-Morgan Jenkins 

 Glenwood Homes was created in 2004 by the desire of our design clients at Morgan Jenkins Residential Design to continue their relationship though the construction process. Continuing a relationship of trust and understanding to create a home or renovation that reflects the Owner's commitment to quality and pride of ownership shown during the design phase.

 Glenwood Homes is a custom home building company dedicated to quality construction of custom residences. We have completed projects in the surrounding areas of the twin cities on lakes, rivers, and redevelopment sites.

 "The biggest reason our clients asked us to manage the construction is the simple fact that as the designers we have had many discussions with our clients and we already know our clients needs, and have shared many discussions about the finished home they want. So the expectations have been discussed and understood and a relationship built."

Being able to work with Glenwood Homes from the concept sketch to the final move in simplifies the amount of conversations needed and eliminates the possibility of things being missed in the transition from design to construction. 

Our Story